About Modern Desert Roofing

We are a locally owned and family operated business in Tucson, Az . Our goal is to give our customers a superior product at an affordable price. We use only quality material and products to insure our customers receive a service that will last them decades.  We specialize in a variety of roof systems for all your roofs needs.

We pride ourselves on customer service and always put our customers first. We are a small enough company to offer concentrated care in the areas our customers require it. Our owners and team are always readily available to answer any of your questions or concerns. We simply take the time others wont!

Our projects big or small will always have seasoned roofers to take care of your roofs needs.  We are one of the highest paying companies in Tucson and will continue to offer high wages to anyone that carries the experience to put together an amazing product for our customers. Our experienced workers are paid for just that, experience. We don't sacrifice in this very important aspect. Happy roofers, happy roofs.

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